First 5 things women notice in a men

Women are incredibly complex creatures, and their thoughts about men can be like trying to understand quantum physics. Women have things in common though when it comes to what they notice in a man. 

These include things that a man may exude to his Detroit escorts but also more subtle ones that are noticeable to the ladies. Here are five things that women notice on the first meeting:

His Eyes

A man holding your gaze, even when it seems awkward or uncomfortable, can make one melt. If he is interested in you as more than just an acquaintance or friend, then his eyes will not have that look of love. If he cares, he will look at a woman from head to toe. 

The eyes are attractive if these are meant for a woman alone. A wandering eye shows that all else is more important. But a loving gaze and even a wink is a big turn on for women. 

Young blonde woman laying on the bed.

His Intelligence

A woman is not likely to be attracted to a man who doesn’t have a good education or is street-smart. If you are intelligent, you will be more successful in life, which will show in how you carry yourself. 

Intelligence can be taught, and sometimes, the wisest men are not those who have studied in a university but observed and learned from experience and reflection. 

Some men have a studied grace about them that makes them very attractive and are intelligent enough to know when to keep silent, such as when a woman asks them if they are fat

His Confidence

This cannot be manufactured but rather something you either have or don’t. Confidence is about being comfortable with yourself, including everything from how you talk to how well-dressed and groomed you are when meeting someone new.

A confident man will always seem more attractive because he tends to be successful. If he has found success in his niche, then his confidence comes from knowing he has achieved something important. If he hasn’t yet achieved anything significant, then it may be possible for him to feel confident enough to conquer challenges and even win your heart. 

A Man’s Smile

The way a man smiles may make a woman’s heart stop. Smiling makes nearly any man more attractive, especially when he gives her a special one. A smiling person is way more attractive than a poker-faced one or a grumpy man. 

His Body Language

Women are very good at reading it. They will notice if you’re hunched over or walking with your head down as you walk up to them. They’ll also take note of what kind of eye contact you make, whether or not your smile is genuine, and any other facial expressions that may be visible on your face.

In Conclusion 

Women love to laugh, so if you can make them smile or laugh, then they will notice how great of company you are. If all else fails and you don’t seem to attract that woman, be a good listener and she may develop an attraction for you.