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So Cal Has Almost 13% of All Human Trafficking in the U.S.


Human Trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing illegal enterprise. According to the 2016 Polaris report, California ranked #1 in the country with 19% of all sex trafficking cases. SoCal has 2/3rds of those cases. 

The Faith Community Can End Human Trafficking


According to many Anti-Human Trafficking task forces, law enforcement is 3% of the solution, non-profits are 7% and the community is 90%.  The faith community is the most powerful aspect of the 90% .

The Traffickers are Winning Because They are Organized


Among churches and synagogues, there are mostly isolated efforts to fight human trafficking.  When the faith community comes together to collaborate and learn from each other, we are empowered to reach our goals.

Our Mission

The mission of So Cal Faith Coalitions Against Human Trafficking is to mobilize the Southern California faith community to take effective action.  We do that through trainings, books, awareness campaigns, promoting local events and most importantly meeting twice a year in local communities so faith communities have an opportunity to share what is working with each other and collaborate on important efforts.  Your generous donation supports our work.  So Cal Faith Coalitions is under Together We Can End Human Trafficking which is a 501C3.

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So Cal Faith Coalitions Against Human Trafficking