Let's Join Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking!


Los Angeles is doing an outstanding job to fight human trafficking with groups like CAST LA who is working with The Protect program to bring Human Trafficking awareness into schools.   Dignity Health is one example of instituting a program to train health professionals how to recognize victims and how to talk to them.  The LA Human Trafficking Task Force is running fake ads in places like Backpage. When buyers call in, they get a chat bot who texts them back and forth and at one point, the buyer is informed that what they are doing is illegal and their information has been passed onto the LA Human Trafficking Task Force. While these efforts are working to reduce human trafficking, unless we as the faith community get "up the river" to prevent human trafficking, it will never end.


So how do we get "up the river?"  We come together as a coalition and empower our men to be leaders in raising awareness regarding the destructive nature of porn and how it creates demand for sex trafficking victims. We invite a representative from a local foster care organization to come speak at our services to recruit good foster parents, given that over 70% of victims are from the foster care system.  We can work with the city to close down the illegal massage parlors.  We can host a fair trade table at our church and school fairs to educate people that over 2/3 of all human trafficking in the world is labor trafficking and by being responsible for purchasing imported products that state "fair trade," we reduce demand.We can do a fundraiser for a local non-profit.  These are just five examples of how we can prevent human trafficking. The book "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference" offers many more actions.


How We End It!

Social scientists tell us that once we reach a critical mass of awareness and people taking action, the social issue will be resolved.  Until that critical mass of 10% is reached,  it is like rolling a rock uphill and there isn't enough traction so groups often fall apart.  Once critical mass is reached, there is velocity.  If it took 10 years to reach 10%, it only takes 2 to 3 years to reach 20%.  In Los Angeles, about 1.5% of faith communities are taking action in the fight against human trafficking.  There is another 7% to 8% who are thinking of doing something, so they meet and think about it and it takes time.  When they can come to a meeting to find out how to act and only have to simply duplicate what others are doing they quickly move into action. At these coalition meetings, faith communities inspire and encourage each other and report on what they are doing. Then during the second half of the meeting people meet with those groups they are interested in collaborating with.   This model will have us quickly reach the 10%.  You can find actions for faith communities as well as presentations you can use  and resources like flyers by "clicking" on the resource button.


Southern California Conference March 21st

SoCal Faith Coalitions presents a one of kind conference with national speakers, for churches throughout Southern California entitled "How We Win in the Fight Against Human Trafficking!" https://www.eventbrite.com/e/so-cal-faith-coalitions-presents-how-we-win-in-the-fight-against-human-trafficking-tickets-86286343777 

Faith Coalitions Meetings, 2nd Half of 2020


So Cal Faith Coalitions Against Human Trafficking

The purpose of the coalition meetings are to educate each other on how to take action in the fight against human trafficking as a faith community. This is not a public event. This is a networking event for the purpose of empowering people who are pastors or ministry/ committee leaders, staff, bible study teachers, youth pastors, etc. in their faith community or people who feel called to take a leadership role in the fight against human trafficking. Whether you are already taking action or want to take action in the fight against Human Trafficking, the meetings below are for you.  Please RSVP to ucanfightht@outlook.com for meeting locations. 

South Bay/Long Beach/W.L.A Faith Coalition

Date and Location TBD

Pomona Valley, South East LA County/Inland Empire Faith Coalition

Date and Location TBD

San Gabriel/San Fernando/Simi Valley Faith Coalition

Date and Location TBD

Black Faith Coalition

Date and Location TBD

Hispanic Faith Coalition

Date and Location TBD

Anchor Churches


About Anchor Churches

The only real advantage the human traffickers have over the faith community is that they are organized and networked together to build their "business," while the faith community tends to have isolated efforts.   The purpose of identifying churches who have stand alone ministries that meet on a regular basis, is so that people who want to start something at their church know who to contact locally.  The anchor churches understand this issue and can guide new churches  with regard to what works and doesn't work to build efforts to fight human trafficking.   By networking churches together, we can powerfully build our efforts in the fight against human trafficking. Below are the churches with the most active ministries in the LA area.  

Simi Valley/San Fernando Valley

Shepherd Church -  Freedom Arise Ministry at Shepherd Church was birthed to answer God’s call to “bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners” (Isaiah 61:1). We believe in a world without slavery - where every man, woman, and child are living in freedom and dignity. We are committed to prayer, raising awareness, prevention, and growing the movement to end human trafficking in the San Fernando Valley, Nationally and abroad. We partner with local and global organizations that educate on prevention, operaterescues, restore victims, and prosecute abusers.  We have quarterly meetings, anyone is welcome to attend. Please contact Althea at Freedomarise@shepherdchurch.com for more information.

San Gabriel Valley

Pomona Valley

Purpose Church

South Bay

St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic church- F.A.I.T.H. Ministry educates our members, parishioners, students and the broader community on human trafficking causes/consequences and how to protect our children from this modern-day slavery.  We manage the ongoing collection of personal items and gift cards and regularly hold fundraisers to assist non-profit organizations in L.A. county that provide services and support for human trafficking victims and survivors. In partnership with St. James Catholic Church, the F.A.I.T.H. Ministry is exploring ways to support foster care families and to prevent foster children from becoming trafficking victims. People of all faiths are welcome to join our fight to end human trafficking. Please contact us at faith.ministry@stlm.org

African American Community

Holman United

Task Forces and Meetings by Other Groups


L.A. Regional Human Trafficking Task Force

September 5th - 9:30 to 11:30 A.M. California Endowment:1000 Alameda St. Los Angeles

To find out more about L.A. Task Forces please go to http://lahumantrafficking.com/events

Compton Human Trafficking Task Force

Meets Every Other Month from 1 to 3 P.M. Upcoming date for 2020 is March 20th.  Location TBD. Please email Ken Henry at  Ken@tiktokservices.org for more information.

Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force

First Thursday of the Month 

11:30- 1:00. Meets at the Salvation Army at 3092 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach


Santa Clarita Human Trafficking Task Force

This task force meets the first Thursday of the month at 2 P.M.   Please email pastor Dan Broyles for meeting locations at pastordan@valenciahills.com 

San Gabriel Valley Human Trafficking Task Force

For monthly meeting dates, please email alma below.  This task force meets at 

The Salvation Army Pasadena, 960 W. Walnut St. Pasadena. 

Questions? Please email alma.hirasuna@usw.salvationarmy.org

Men Standing Against Trafficking

Men Stand for 1.5 hours in the evening holding signs up on the corners where prostitution is the most prevalent.  The efforts encourages victims to seek help and wakes up the community that human trafficking is happening where they live. 

Long Beach - 3rd Friday of Every Month 7 P.M to 9 P.M.  Please email msat.lbeach@gmail.com for locations.

Pomona -  Please contact Jay at jayw@purposechurch.com for dates and locations.

First Quarter Events

On each county tab are local events and the major advanced training events for So Cal.


Event Details


January 11th - 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Courage Forward Anti_Human Trafficking Conference, Downey High School. Dynamic speakers including homeland security, the DA's office, community leaders, etc. (This event is for the general public.  The event below is professional advanced training.)

 Jan 11th- 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.-Advanced Human Trafficking Symposium: The Role of Evolving Technologies in a Globally Connected World hosted by Harvest Christian Fellowship, 8880 Magnolia, Riverside.  This year’s symposium will feature some of the finest experts in the nation combating human trafficking, sextortion, social media exploitation and child pornography. Topics will include: domestic sex trafficking investigation, policies and legislation, crime analyst re-search and an examination of the impact of advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence, encryption, cryptocurrency, mass audience live streaming and the Dark Net.HIS WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL, PROFESSIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING EVENTS OF THE YEAR. Cost is $20. Please register at:  https://www.millionkids.org/ 

Jan 11th - 9AM—10:30 AM.  Human Trafficking Walk at Blessed Sacrament Church.  6657 Sunset Blvd.  Los Angeles.  Come hear from Survivors, religious leaders and community leaders.

January 25th -10 - 3  Breaking the Chains Event.  Lynwood City Park 11301 Bullis Rd. Lynwood.   There will be a car show, raffles, giveaways, etc.   This event is hosted by  a collaboration between the Compton Human Trafficking Task Force, Forgotten Children and the city of Lynwood. 


Event Details


February 2nd - Webinar 11:30 ot 12:30/ Casa de Esperanza’s National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities (NLN), published “A Scan of the Field: Learning About Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking”, a study to help service providers and other key stakeholders better understand how domestic and sexual violence prevention organizations are serving trafficking survivors. The report addresses the strengths and unique needs of these survivors, and how to assist service providers who are looking to expand their services for trafficking survivors. In this interactive webinar, Casa de Esperanza will discuss the study’s findings and lessons learned, and their relevance for other providers. The webinar will also share resources available and discuss recommendations for the field.  You can register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4467925277479564556

February 8th - 2:30 to 5, Efree Church Diamond Bar  Opal Singleton will speak on how we protect our children from predators.  Please register at  register@efreedb.org/protect

February 8th  - 12:30 to 4 P.M. Walk and Presentation: One LA-IAF Civic Academy Historical Outlook of Slavery and its affect on Modern Day Slavery, "Human Trafficking" and Present Role of the Black Male “Don’t Close your eyes to Human Trafficking” at St. Brigid Catholic church,  5214 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 

February 22nd – 7:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. Human Trafficking Research Conference, Liberty Station Conference Center, San Diego. National experts will speak on some of the most current local and national human trafficking research that applies to the specific needs, practices, and approaches of a variety of stakeholders (law enforcement, prosecution, victim services, survivors, etc.) with a discussion on how we implement best practices. Keynote speaker is JOHN COTTON RICHMOND Ambassador-At-Large Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking In Persons. For more information you can check out their site. https://ht-radar.abolishhumantrafficking.com/2020-conference-2/


Event Details


March 6 & 7th - Ending Human Trafficking Conference at Vanguard University, Costa Mesa. "Where We’ve At, Where We Have Been… Where We are Going" The Ensure Justice Conference is a two-day event focused on equipping teachers, victim service providers, law enforcement, students, and community members to protect and intervene for women and children at high-risk of exploitation and violence. Understanding the contributing factors of human trafficking that run deep will inform innovative strategies for future prevention.  Please go to this link for details https://www.gcwj.org/events/ 

2nd Quarter Events


Event Details


April 3rd 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. & April 4th 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. - SEE IT, END IT film and arts festival at  the Warner Grand Theater, 478 W. 6th St. San Pedro.  For more information, please go to www.seeitendit.com

April 4th,  9 A.M. to 1 P.M. - Journey Out Awareness Walk and Festival at Woodley Park.  Event features easter egg hunt, performances, prizes and more.  For more information please to go www.journeyout.org.



Journey Out Trainings

Journey Out offers case manager training for professionals.  Please contact tay.neville@journeyout.org.

Journey Out also needs volunteers to help with their survivors.  Please contact mary.david@journeyout.org  Journey Out has taken over the Poster Outreach project for L.A.  Please contact Mary David for details.  For more information, please go to their site.   For more information on their programs, please go to  https://journeyout.org/  



We believe that you have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of women who have been affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.  We want to empower and equip you to reach and care for them effectively!  No need to reinvent the wheel, we will share 15-years of hard-learned lessons and resources with you!   Please register at  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/treasures-outreach-care-training-oct-4-5-2019-registration-51793336263 

Nola Brantley Speaks

Nola Brantley is a survivor of human trafficking who has trained thousands in law enforcement , service care providers. and the general public.  Her trainings are geared towards those who want to be leaders in the fight like speakers, church staff etc.  She offers 17 different trainings.   You can find her trainings at http://www.nolabrantleyspeaks.org/  

Global Center for Woman and Justice

Care 68 Network  A website/resource for churches in Southern California who want to be connected with what is happening in the area of Human Trafficking locally and globally.

C- Connection and Collaboration opportunities and calendars

A- Awareness events, suggestions and assistance

R- Resources

E- Educational opportunities